June 09, 2021


Registration & Conference Materials Collection

June 10, 2021


Plenary Speech & Oral, Poster Presentation


Opening Remarks & Keynote Speeches


Oral & Poster Presentation

June 11, 2021


City Visit (pending)


For full version of the program, it will be updated in the middle of May, 2021.


Badge Policy
Access to all ICIEB activities will be allowed only to people wearing ICIEB 2021 badges.

Considering the personal and property security of all ICIEB attendees, please keep track of your badge and make sure you bring it each day, and do NOT borrow to any others or take others into conference area. Our policy is not to reprint badges or replace lost badges.

If you lose your badge, you will be able to purchase a new registration at the current on-site rates.

If you don’t need the badge any more, please return it back to our registration desk.


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Social Parters



Join in as Listener

Welcome to join in ICIEB 2021 as listener if you do not want to publish paper and present in the conference. The registration should be finished through the Online Registration System before the registration deadline.


Join in as TPC

ICIEB2021 is warmly inviting scholars and experts in the fields of Mobile business, E-Business and Internet Technologies and Applications to consider serving as Reviewers. If you have an interest or you have someone to recommend, please send latest Resume to official email address:

Reviewers’ name, affiliation and nationality will be updated on the webpage and proceedings. Your Resume and email are warmly welcomed.


Contact Us

Conference Secretary: Carol Wu


Address: Unit B on 15th Floor Eu Yan Sang

Tower,Nos.11/15, Chatham Road South
Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Tel :+86-13438979298 Or